Bespoke. The English language has a specific term to indicate something custom-made, a product created ad hoc, not standardized. In the tailor’s jargon from which the word comes from, bespoke indicates a unique creation, as the tailor who cuts the fabric after having design on it with the chalk  to realized a specific piece for a customer. This is the concept that inspire our job: the mission of Event Set is to transform customers’ idea into wonderful reality, “sewing” the event on their desires. For this reason we like to call them tailored event.

What does creating a tailored event mean? First of all, it means listening carefully to the client’s necessities to understand what are his needs and his expectations. Organizing a bespoke event means imagining, desiging, and creating spaces which can translate client’s ideas into something concrete. Only in this way it is possible to create highly personalized results. Obviously, there’s not only the design step. Offering the possibility to realize unique and one-in-a-million event means that we can count on a wide supply of items, and that we are constantly updated about new trends, new shapes, colors, and materials.

Thanks to a close and expert team guided by the art director Luca Ferretti, during the years we have set up the most prestigious italian location for national and international events realizing unique and extremely personalized solutions.

We can take care of every aspect of an event, from the creative concept to logistics, from lights and audio systems to scenography, furniture and decorations.

After many years, our mission is always the same: transform your dream event in a reality.