We waited until everything was fine-tuned at its best and today we can finally announce it. The new Event Set showroom is ready: in Fornacette (PI), via Tosco Romagnola 85, we set up a multifunctional space which includes the showroom, the 4000 sqm warehouse where all our materials are, and of course our offices.

We chose this solution because we believe that in this way we will be able to respond in the best possible way to our clients’ needs. They will be able to choose the set up live, evaluating and modifying the set up in real time. We believe that the possibility to interact with furniture, objects and decorative elements is a good way to combine the choices based on the event type and on personal taste.

Collaborating with reality sometimes very far from Tuscany, not all Event Set clients can visit our showroom. So we have imagined an alternative solution, installing a remote cam in our expo space which will enable to see the set up and interact with the operators to communicate the changes and to visualize the results in real time from every possible angles.

Displaying a project using a space like the one of our showroom also allows to reproduce the lights, the video effects, and the majority of the sensorial suggestions which will be reproduced in location, so the client can evaluate their effects.

The choice to decorate a space so wide is functional to the activities we will develop in Event Set: workshops, courses, meetings, and much more. A space that we like to define “the beating hearth” of the company: come and visit it, you’ll find the ideal solution to make your event unique!

You can find us in Fornacette (PI), in via Tosco Romagnola 85, few minutes far from the main arterial roads!

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