As it happens every year in this period, the end of the wedding season corresponds with the beginning of the preparation or the next one. So we begin to think about new shapes and new materials, preparing ourselves for 2019.

At Event Set, our team constantly works to learn the new set-up trends trying to anticipate clients’ requests and offering projects perfectly in agreement with the newest market trends. The research is always the heart of our work, the cornerstone of every project.

Speaking of 2019 wedding design trends, our creative director has no doubt. There will be some important confirmations about metals, the explosion of a particular color and the beginning of the decline of some other elements. Are you curious? Let’s go to discover the 2019 wedding trends.

Metals, metals and, once again, metals

Chromed metal continues to boss around and it enlarges its range. Next to wood, it contributes to create a contrast between vintage style and the desire oflinear shapes, a trend which is carving out a bigger space in the event design. In general, we can see a stylistic appreciation of metal. If we should bet on a trend, we could wager without any doubt on copper and brass, on herringbone wood, and on a new kind of chrome (we’ll talk about it later this month).

Pink, Pantone color of the year?

Pink takes over as main color; we don’t exclude the possibility to see it as Pantone Color of the Year (the pioneer in the color classification and standard for professionals and creatives all over the world). Glass, fabric, velvet, and furniture seem already appointing the main 2019 wedding design color.

At Event Set, we already have prepared the new collections and many pink items are available.  We already had bet on this color last year, and we are pretty sure that the next season pink will pair wonderfully with metals, flowers and, in general, modern and geometric situations.

Not only wood

2019 marks the beginning of the outdoor green and ecru counches, as well as durmast structures and vintage crates and boxes which have been all the rage in the past seasons. The wood at all cost seems to be destined for downfall.

A last piece of advice…be aware of tropical parties, there are too much of them around 😊